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Royal Commission Projects

Bufferzone Projects

Contract # 021-C05R – Development of Buffer Zone (Showroom Space North of JTI): Site preparation, earth works, finished grading works. Asphalt concrete surface road works. Storm drainage system. Portable water network – uPVC pipe class 5, RTRP pipe 16 bar, FRP pipe sleeve 6 bar, air release valve, fire hydrants, gate valve with surface box, wash out, valve chambers, interface connections. Sanitary waste water network – uPVC pipe class 4, RTRP pipe 16 bar, force main line works, FRP pipe sleeve, sanitary manholes, wash out/clean chamber, air release valve, lift station, RTRP 10 bar and RCP sleeves. Irrigation – uPVC pipe class 5, FRP pipe sleeve 6 bar, gate valve, air release valves solenoid valve, automatic flush valve, drip emitters, bubblers, blow off chambers, etc. Electrical network RMU, unit substations, MV/LV cabling, street lighting. Landscaping – plating soil, ground covers, palm trees, general trees and hard scaping works. Telecommunication – PECD & HDPE ducts works, joint boxes, installation works, FOC and splice joint closure works. FAT – Fiber access terminals works, FDT – Fiber distribution terminal works, FDS – Fiber distribution system, cabinet, universal fiber management panel (96 ports), FOC – cabling, termination and splicing works, radio communication antenna for irrigation control system, radio communication for the lift station works, list station spare radio with power supply and battery backup, etc. RCC culvert.  

S01 Projects

O&M of Roadway System: Operation and maintenance of roads in domestic and industrial zones, and O&M of traffic light control systems including all or part of the following infrastructure systems: (a). Roads with all related facilities such as street lighting, traffic signal, signs, etc. (b). Module paths. (c). Storm drainage. (d). Materials handling. (e). Royal Commission area boundary fence

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