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Al-Shalawi International Co. For Trading & Contracting

Al-Shalawi International Co. Trading & Contracting is a 100% Saudi closed joint stock Company specialized in site development, earthwork, building construction, roads & bridges construction, underground utilities, facility


    Achieving the needs of our customers in compliance with their requirements while committing to top quality, safety, environmental protection and fulfilling our contractual obligations to meet our clients’ expectations.


    Our mission is to deliver value-added services which exceed our Clients' expectations. We will achieve this through the effective and efficient use of our dedicated resources in addition to our meticulously selected high-quality subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers, and by utilizing our highly qualified employees to approach the construction process with utmost integrity and honesty.


Time management is of great importance. This involves swift mobilization, materials delivered without delay, and timely execution of our projects while carefully monitoring and controlling every stage of the work to ensure optimum performance and project completion on time and on budget.


Our professional relationships are built on mutual respect and loyalty and achieved through decades of trustworthy business amongst our customers and suppliers.

Human resources are our pride. Our employees are carefully selected, trained and continuously motivated and developed in order to take on the challenges of our extremely demanding projects.

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Years of Experience

Founder & CEO

As a leading construction company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and since its inception in 1975, Al-Shalawi International Co. Trading & Contracting has always been a key contributor to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's construction sector. It proudly associates itself with prestigious and landmark projects in the Kingdom. We now employ over 3500 people and are involved in a number of economic sectors, including Construction, Logistics, Basic Industries, industrial, Real Estate & Travel & Tourism.

We are committed to having a relationship of transparency, reliability and mutual trust with our clients and not just a Client-Contractor relationship. Our clients are fully aware that we have the skills, resources, expertise, and most importantly, the ability to complete their projects to the highest standards and on time. Health, Safety, Quality, and the Environment are among the most important priorities in our company and we follow strict safety measures and quality procedures and strive to continuously improve our performance. We at Al Shalawi take pride in our achievements which have been associated with the core values of Al Shalawi International Company, such as TIME, TRUST & LOYALTY, SKILLS& PROFESSIONALISM. We have succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises, we can rise to the challenge and excel in executing the most difficult and demanding projects to the complete satisfaction of our clients. It has been a very challenging journey, having started as a family business, we are now among the top contracting companies in the country. Our major challenge today is sustainability. We are proud of our past and believe in the active present and the promising future we look forward to.

Abdul Rahman Al Shalawi

From a small contracting company in 1975, over the decades, Al Shalawi International Company for Trading &amp Contracting has been trailblazing success. Today Al-Shalawi International Co. Trading &amp Contracting is a premier construction company that successfully meets the expectation of its clients. I wish to pay tribute to all stakeholders and how they contributed to the success of the company.

We have come a long way since the first came into being in 1975. Each step has been exciting, rewarding, challenging, and a learning experience that we have collectively inherited. It is our goal to continue this exceptional journey to become a leading construction company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an employer of choice to all the young talents; we take pride in our excellent products and services and in the exemplary character of our associates. The secret behind our success is the core values we believe in and which were always a beacon of light leading our every step since we started business some 40 years ago. These values include on Time Delivery, Trust & Loyalty, Skill & professionalism. Now we go forward with this legacy of honesty, thrift, integrity, quality, and hard work. Our values are expressed in everything we do. To our potential Stakeholders, we hope you will continue to see us as your partners in success.

Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al Shalawi

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