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Aramco Projects

Abqaiq Project

providing design, procure and build services; primary infrastructure for houses construction in future under Home Ownership Program of Saudi Aramco. Includes residential & non-residential lots, site development such as site grading, road network on primary and secondary electrical systems, telecom distribution system infrastructure, portable/fire water and sewer network connected      (tie-ins) to existing systems. Consisting of 249 residential lots, 5 gardens, 2 lots for government services, school and university and commercial lot which covers an area of 44.3 hectares.

Khurais Project

Site Preparation works, Temporary Site Facilities, Construction of Initial Paving, Security Fencing, Security Gates, Storm water Ponds, Potable and Fire Water Works

Manifa Project

Complete Site Preparation and construction of 4 reinforced concrete highway bridges on Abu Hadriyah-Khafji Highway.

  • Diamond type highway bridge for Manifa new intersection.
  • Clover leaf type highway bridge on existing Nariyah intersection.
  • Diamond type highway bridge for Tanajib new intersection.

Diamond type highway bridge for Safaniya new intersection.

Marjan Project

Site Preparation for Package 19 of the Marjan Increment Program. Project constitutes 6 Million Sq. M of Site preparation involving roadworks, storm water drainage, Type 4 security fence, solar lighting system on an LSPB basis

Initial Site Development for East Dammam II

Contract # 6600036079 – Initial Site Development for East Dammam – II SAFCO: Site preparation, earth work, asphalt roads, storm drainage system, portable water network, sanitary waste water network, irrigation networks, power distribution network, telecommunication, two (2 Nos.) sanitary lift stations, two (2 Nos.) booster pump station, storm water pump station, force main lines (storm & sanitary works), steel water storage tank (1,600m³ & 2500m³).

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